'Dead Rising 4' News: Holiday 'Yule Log' Trailer Launched Prior Release Date; Capcom Explains Why Timer Feature Was Removed [VIDEO]


What more can fans ask for when Capcom decides to release a game this Holiday that involves a beat down open-world zombie game? Such is the case for "Dead Rising 4" as it closes in on its release date. With it, Capcom has recently launched a "Yule Log" trailer in anticipation of the game being released this coming Holiday. Moreover, the developers discusses to fans why they chose to remove the timer feature in the franchise's latest installment, according to sources.

It was recently reported that Capcom has released its latest "Yule Log" trailer, which spans for about 20 minutes or so, prior to the release date of the highly-anticipated "Dead Rising 4" survival horror game, Gamerant learned.

The video features the game's own take on the traditional Yule log (or Christmas block for others) where it shows body parts roasting in the hearth, instead of your ordinary wooden logs, to keep the fire lit and the room looking warm and cozy.

It was also mentioned that from time to time fans can witness someone pitch in a few more body parts to keep the hearth burning while it stokes the fire using a baseball bat fitted with barbed wire and, in keeping with the Holiday theme, decorated with Christmas lights.

Moreover, it was aptly pointed out that the fans can keenly hear the sounds of zombies at the background, whilst being accompanied with the odd but memorable music that was deeply influenced by "Dead Rising 4."

In other news, Capcom Vancouver discussed in an interview with Eurogamer as to why they decided to do away with the timer feature in the upcoming fourth installment of the franchise, "Dead Rising 4."

The game's executive producer, Bryce Cochrane, explained that it really had to do with the vastness of "Dead Rising 4's" world. They wanted to have a large sandbox area where fans get the chance to truly explore and stumble upon things. As such, they've removed the timer feature from the single-player campaign, while retaining it in the multiplayer, in order for players to get really immersed in the game.

With the Holidays are just around the corner, fans can really look forward to the Dec. 6 release date of Capcom's "Dead Rising 4."

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