HTC Vive News & Update: Mod Allows 'Doom 3' VR; Vive 2 In The Works? [VIDEO]


Fans and avid gamers alike can still remember how enthralling "Doom 3" was when it initially launched back in August of 2004. As of late, these same fans can relive the excitement of playing the game but on virtual reality via the HTC Vive. Moreover, tech consumers can get their hands on the VR equipment for a hundred US dollars less this coming Black Friday, according to sources.

It was recently reported that a mod from "Codes4Fun" has ported that BFG version of iD Software's iconic "Doom 3" to the HTC Vive, enabling players to enjoy the game in virtual reality, Motherboard learned.

A recent YouTube video was posted online from a Swedish YouTuber, called SweViver, that showcased the initial run or testing of "Doom 3" with the mechanics and gameplay of virtual reality via the HTC Vive.

It was also stated that the mod has improved the players movement doing away with "teleporting" feature, which the source pointed out to be a disappointing feature for some virtual reality games.

It was shown in the video that SweViver was able to move around the game via the Vive's controller touchpad. With it, the YouTuber has commented on how he wasn't at risk of experiencing any motion sickness due to the stable 90 fps (frames per second) that he has had all throughout the game.

Fans can also witness how the mod for "Doom 3" highlights the perfect tracking movement for both the handheld gun and flashlight. The YouTuber even went on to comment that the "Doom 3" mod for the HTC Vive was probably the first triple-A game that could pave a promising future to virtual reality games in the future.

As such, it was reported that rumors of an HTC Vive 2 was actually debunked and that representatives from the company have clarified that HTC is rather looking into Vive's potential within the gaming-arcade industry, Techradar reported.

It was stated that HTC's current plans for the Vive is to get involved in the arcade spaces using the headgear set up in China and Taiwan.

With all these said, fans will have to wait and see what other developments might arise regarding the current state of virtual reality.

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