'Rocket League' News & Update: Custom Training Mode Added! Mods Will Be Available Via Steam Workshop! [VIDEO]


It seems that fans and avid gamers of the renowned video game "Rocket League" have truly gotten the attention of Psyonix. Reports have shown that players will get a chance to sharpen their skills as a new custom training mode will be added. Moreover, fans can now participate in the modding community as the game will receive some modding support courtesy of the Steam Workshop, according to sources.

It was reported that the inclusion of a new custom training mode for "Rocket League" will be making its debut along with the next update, VG24/7 learned. It was stated that the players will be able to pick the map of their choice, the type of training simulation (striker or goalie), the level of difficulty in the training.

Moreover, fans can name what they've made and upload it for the rest of the community to try and enjoy for themselves. As of now, sharing these user-based training modes are not yet shareable via cross-platform but the developers are currently working on it in order for both the PC and console players can enjoy the feature all together.

It was further detailed by the source that fans can tag the user-made training modes as favourites and will eventually get notifications everytime they get updated by the creators. This way, fans get to to download the latest version of the traning modes they've subscribed to.

In addition, it was also reported that Psyonix will be upgrading the browser feature by including therein search and filtering tools and user ratings.

Recent reports have also shown that Psyonix will be adding support for modding via the Steam Workshop in the future, PC Gamer noted. It was said that by next month, modders will be able to upload their creations to the community via the Steam Workshop's user-friendly interface.

It seems that "Rocket League" will only get better and better in the following months as both the custom training mode and support for Steam Workshop make their debut in the next update.

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