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Brexit: Student Blames Education System is Biased


Brexit is already a strain on the economy in the United Kingdom. But according to one teenager, it has put a certain pressure on the education system and she stalks of how it is biased towards the European Union.

This teenager blames the media and the education system for being one sided. According to Express, the teenager is just one of the thirty per cent of kids under 24 years old who voted to leave. And she points out that they are being ignored.

She is only nineteen years old but she is making her opinions known. She considers herself as a major voice in Brexit. And she expresses that she is currently frustrated at how the media, such as BBC and more, have painted their group.

She points out how it is already showing in the education system. She uses her experience in school as an example. She points out that her teachers are lecturing the class about how Brexit was a bad idea and it should never have happened. But for her, the fact remains that Brussels ruled and there is corruption Europe.

For this young teenager, it made sense to leave. She cites that the university is being unfair to her and her generation. This nineteen year old student is exasperated with the one sided education she is receiving.

According to her and her friends, they are unable to say anything during the lectures. Lecturers are telling students that there are two sides, one is good and the other bad. Even social media is biased. The young student poses an example about how voting for Brexit has damaged their country and that she and her group are responsible.

Now, she and many students are left wondering about their educational future when British Universities are now planning to open several campuses inside the EU. This young lady still hopes that her comments are being heard and that the system is fair.

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