’The Simpsons’ University Lecturer Explains Show’s Ability To Predict The Future


For decades, "The Simpsons" has been a comic relief for many viewers. It has become a franchise that many individuals buy into for the hilarity of the show's characters and the ability for the cartoon to explain the messages relevant to the period.

But according to the university lecturer teaching "The Simpsons," he says the show is able to predict the future. The show predicted that President Elect Donald Trump is going to win this year's elections, cites Business Insider. The fact is, the show predicted his win 16 years before the elections happened.

In addition to the show having the ability to predict the future, Donaldson describes "The Simpsons" to be the best tool for philosophy. Donaldson is a lecturer at the University of Glasgow. He leads classes under the Philosophy Department.

After his announcement indicated that he is going to teach the class next year, many were fascinated to find out more. His announcement coincided with the media's fascination on how "The Simpsons" was able to predict Trump's win.

John Donaldson is going to make a one-day class program called "D'oh! The Simpsons Introduce Philosophy" next year, on January 2017. But the show is not just going to feature its characters, Donaldson explains that he will focus on the show's ability to predict the future a lot in the past 27 years. He is going to use it as a tool for his course.

For Donaldson, "The Simpsons" is a show about life and it has a human parallelism that is evident to today's daily lives.

He explains the stint on how the show predicted Trump's win. He calls it a coincidence but it just so happened that the political atmosphere provisioned Trump's win. He stresses that the show has the ability to provide viewers a relatable experience. It helps the viewers understand what is happening to the world around them.

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