Ivy League Passer Chooses University Of Alabama


Most high school students are preparing themselves to enter into one of the best schools in the country. Most of these seniors or junior are aiming for an Ivy League school of they can afford it. But there is one odd kid that dropped all of the Ivy League choices.

Instead, he is choosing to enroll at the University of Alabama. Ronald Nelson has decided to reject all the offers coming from Ivy League schools.

These schools include New York University, Vanderbilt, Stanford, Johns Hopkins and Washington University, cites Teen Vogue. Why would Nelson drop these offers and go for U of Alabama?

His high school days were full of achievements. He is the senior class president. He is also quite talented when it comes to the saxophone that he is recognized by his state. In addition, he is also a National Merit Scholar, plus a National Achievement Scholar.

Aside from getting a full ride and admission into the honors program, Nelson said that the decision was not easy. When it comes to his academic profile, he has a 4.58 weighted GPA and has 15 AP courses under his belt. When it comes to his SATs, he scored 2260 out of 2400 and scored 34 out of 36 on his ACTs.

According to this teenager, he had to do some deep dive soul searching to finally choose the University of Alabama. He admits that there was uncertainty before saying yes. Ultimately his decision was financial. He does not want to be in debt for years. His father adds that they can save the money for his future medical school. Although many of the schools offered financial assistance, they saw Alabama as a much better means to lessen the strain.

For Nelson and his family, it was a decision that involved looking into the future. They are trying to avoid unnecessary strain from having to pay off a huge amount of debt.

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