'Star Citizen' News & Update: 'Grand Finale' Trailer Released!; Cloud Imperium Games Explains Production Schedule [VIDEO]


Fans have supporting the development of the highly-anticipated space simulation video game, "Star Citizen." As such, these same fans have witnessed numerous trailers and videos that gave them a glimpse as to what is happening with the game and its progress. Recent reports have shown that Cloud Imperium Games have released the final trailer for its Galctic Tours video series. Moreover, the developers discuss with their fans the production schedule of "Star Citizen," according to sources.

"Star Citizen," which started back in 2011 when its demo was first built on a modified version of the CryEngine 3 game engine, has released a series of videos via its official YouTube account that featured the Galactic Tours trailers. It was recently reported that the developers have since launched the "Grand Finale" of the trailer-series, Dual Shockers learned.

The video features Jax McCleary, who is a fictional reporter that has starred in all of the Galactic Tours videos. It also features the fictional convention called "Intergalactic Aero Space Expo 2946," which exhibits some of the ships that fans can expect to see once "Star Citizen" gets released.

In the same video, Jax McCleary explains that ship-enthusiasts will have no shortage of options as they can expect to find an array of spacecrafts throughout their exploration in the game. It was also mentioned therein that the chances of fans finding the ship they would prefer are greater than ever.

From elegant designed ships to festering dilapidated ships, fans can expect to encounter an array of ships with their own unique quirks, features, and designs. It would seem that fans can expect a lot more to come when the game gets released after the fictional character pointed out that after all the ships that were showcased in the Galactic Tours, things will only get better from here on out.

In other news, Cloud Imperium Games founder Chris Roberts was reported to have planned to release a weekly update regarding the production schedule for "Star Citizen" Alpha 2.6, Polygon has learned.

It was stated therein that the developers have posted a protracted note to their Kickstarter backers relaying to them the progress they've made regarding the schedules for the Star Marine and Arena Commander modules, and many more details.

It would seem that fans can rest assure that "Star Citizen" is well on its way with regard to its development and, hopefully, its targeted release date.

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