'Beyond Good & Evil 2' Development Confirmed Says Ancel; Ubisoft Threatened By Vivendi Take Over! [PHOTOS]


Fans and gamers alike have waited for a long time for Ubisoft to finally confirm the development of a sequel to one of their more critically acclaimed games, "Beyond Good and Evil," albeit it was not a commercial success that they've intended it to be. As such, it was reported that Ubisoft has actually been developing "Beyond Good and Evil 2." However, could a threat of a take over by Vivendi cripple the sequel's production?

It was reported that Ubisoft's creative director, Michel Ancel, has posted an image on his Instagram account that hinted to fans that "Beyond Good and Evil 2" is actually in development, Kotaku learned.

 Somewhere in system 4 ... - Thanks #ubisoft for making this possible !

A photo posted by Michel Ancel (@michelancel) on Sep 26, 2016 at 11:58pm PDT

It was described that the image seemed to portray a younger version of Pey'j, the iconic pig in the first installment, seen resting atop the shoulders of a man, whom fans speculate to be as Jade's father.

During Ancel's keynote at Indiecare Europe, the creative director for Ubisoft stated that the timing and release of the image was not a gimmick. In fact, he said that his team has actually been working in "Beyond Good and Evil 2" since they have released "Rayman Legends," and that they are actually treating the sequel as a serious development.

He went on to explain that the reason why development for the sequel took long was due to the fact that technology hasn't caught up yet to what the game needed. Ancel and the rest of his team at Ubisoft intended the sequel to feature interplanetary travel. Having these current-gen console have made it possible for the game's concept to be worked on.

However, it seems that Ubisoft is currently under threat of a take over by Vivendi, a French multinational mass media conglomerate, who was reported to be slowly increasing its shares in the company, University Herald reported.

It was stated therein that the company was never keen on the idea for some time now and that Ubisoft's VP of live operations, Anne Blondel, has expressed her sentiments that the company wouldn't be the same if the take over would happen.

If ever a take over would happen, would Ubisoft's current development of "Beyond Good and Evil 2" be crippled by Vivendi? Only time can tell as to what lies ahead for the game and the company itself.

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