'Battlefield 1' News: Game Plagued With Server Problems? Players Demand Refund, EA DICE Responds! [VIDEO]


Fans and hardcore gamers alike are well familiar with the stress of encountering numerous server issues when it comes to their favorite online multiplayer games. Such is the case for most of the player-base of the highly-acclaimed first-person shooter game, "Battlefield 1," which was reported that have been experiencing server problems that prompted some players for a refund. As such, EA DICE have responded to their fans regarding the said complications.

Despite the critical success that "Battlefield 1" has garnered since its initial release back in mid-October, the game has had its many shares of issues and problems over the past few weeks. From twitter memes gone wrong to accusations of a graphical downgrade, it seems that the game is now facing some persistent server problems, Gamerant reported.

It was mentioned that the continued problems that fans have experienced regarding the game's servers have prompted some dissatisfied players to demand for a refund. The source pointed out that majority of the players affected by these server problems are from the North America and the United Kingdom.

It was also stated therein that EA DICE's support Twitter account have confirmed the recent outages when it came to players logging into their Origin and EA Access accounts. Albeit the developers saying that the problem has been resolved, some fans are still claiming that the issues are still persistent, which has only fueled the demands of the affected players for a refund.

As such, it was recently reported that producer and develoer at EA DICE, Ali Hassoon, has responded to the growing frustration of some PC players via a series of tweets via his Twitter account.

In his post, he promised to fans that they will be looking into the problems that have been plaguing the servers on the PC version of "Battlefield 1." Though there wasn't an exact date as to when fans can expect these issues to be resolved, Hassoon and his team are hopeful that they will be able to address these server problems as soon as possible.

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