EA DICE Investigates Graphics Downgrade From Latest 'Battlefield 1' Patch; Single-player Campaign Gives Nod To ANZAC [VIDEO]


Fans and gamers alike were startled when they first heard the reports that the latest patch for "Battlefield 1" resulted in a graphics downgrade. As such, it was reported that EA DICE went on to investigate the accusations themselves and respond to their fans regarding the issue. In other news, critics have praised the single-player campaign of the game for giving tribute to the ANZAC featured in the game.

It was recently reported that the latest patch for the highly-acclaimed first-person shooter video game, "Battlefield 1," has caused quite a ruckus in the gaming community. It was said that the recent major patch of the game resulted in a number of things, more specifically a graphics downgrade as fans would declare, Attack of the Fanboy has learned.

It was said that numerous users have reported and claimed that they have all experienced a graphical downgrade in "Battlefield 1." However, it was claimed that these issues are only present on the PlayStation 4 and PC versions of the game. As for the Xbox One, the source pointed out that Microsoft's console port doesn't seem to be affected by it.

It was further mentioned that EA DICE's producer, David Sirland, has responded to their fans regarding these accusations via his Twitter account. Over on a tweet to his fans, Sirland has given his own stand on the matter by saying that the graphics of the game has not been downgraded whatsoever.

As such, it seems that fans of "Battlefield 1" and its developers are not on the same page when it comes to this issue.

In other news, critics have praised "Battlefield 1's" single-player campaign for giving tribute to the ANZAC (Australian and New Zealand Army Corps) in its story, IGN opined. The source was more than surprised to see the ANZAC being featured in the single-player campaign story of the game. It stated that the mission called "The Runner" would feature the battle at Gallipoli and would base the story on the ANZAC campaign.

Ultimately, despite the game accused of getting a graphical downgrade from its last major patch, it seems that "Battlefield 1" did a great job at tipping its hat to a historic faction during the World War 1.

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