'Battlefield 1' Twitter Memes Gone Wrong; EA Apologizes For Insensitive Tweets [VIDEO]


Having a solid fan-base is the backbone to every successful video game, especially for a game relying heavily on an online multiple-player feature. Losing the confidence of a game's fan-base could be greatly detrimental to its online player-base. In recent news, Electronic Arts' media team for its latest first-person shooter game, "Battlefield 1," took some heavy heat from their fans due to some insensitive memes they posted on Twitter.

Since it is overly common in social media to see posts or tweets about memes, this was no different for the critically-acclaimed video game when it tried to make its "#justWW1things" meme trend over its official Twitter account, Polygon reported.

The meme posted over Twitter did catch on to some of the fans of "Battlefield 1," but only in response to criticize Electronic Arts and their insensitive tweets, the same publication reported. The effects of the desensitized memes still resonate on Twitter as the hashtag is still being used to chastise the media campaign.

One example of this would be a tweet posted that made use of the media campaign's "#justWW1things."

Other sources commented as well on how these recent tweets and the use of the meme "#justWW1things" has desensitized the atrocious events that transpired during the actual WW1.

It was elaborated that the recent insensitive media campaign on Twitter for "Battlefield 1" was far different from the tone that the game's single-player campaign is, Shacknews has learned. Though the fans found the tweets to be offensive and demeaning to what happened in WW1, that wasn't the case for the game's single-player campaign, which in no way glorified the tragic events.

As such, it was recently reported that a representative from Electronic Arts provided the same publication with a statement apologizing for the recent events. They were apologizing to their fans and everyone else concerned for any offense caused by the contents that were posted recently on their Twitter account. They went on to acknowledge that their tweets did not give the respect that was due to the events that happened during the WW1 era.

Fans will just have to wait and see if and how this will affect the game in the future.

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