iPhone 8 Intriguing Power Leaks, New iPads Exposed; Apple Confesses Major iPhone Issues [Video]


Apple spilled problems with older iPhone models, iPhone 7S problems with iOS 10, a secret iPad model Apple is working on, and the almost magical power source for the iPhone 8.

iPhone 8 takes wireless charging to a new level

Two new technologies are expected of the iPhone 8 upon its release in 2017. Revamping its telephoto lens, Apple will feature dual optical image stabilization.

Wireless charging for the iPhone 8 would be short of magical when users will be able to remotely charge their phones wirelessly with power transmitted across a room for up to 15 feet away. The new technology automatically charges the unit as soon as it comes within range of the plugged charging transmitter. Traditional wireless charging requires the phone to be set onto a charging pad.

A 10.5-inch iPad Pro with A10X CPU for 2017

Supply chain rumors suggest that Apple is coming up with a new 10.5-inch iPad Pro which will arrive next year, according to AppleInsider. The unit is said to employ the A10X CPU, a faster version of the A10 processor used in iPhone 7.

Alongside its release is a standard lower-cost 9.7-inch iPad. A 12.9-inch iPad Pro also using the A10X CPU is also rumored for release in 2017.

Older iPhone model hitches

The iPhone 6 Plus encounters 'touch disease,' which third-party repair sites, particularly iFixit says is caused by the screen controller chips disengaging from the main logic board.

However, since Apple does not acknowledge this as a design flaw in the iPhone 6 Plus, it is not covered by a warranty that merits a full replacement. Apple instead offers to repair the phone for $149. Another issue that Apple owned up to is iPhone 6 and 6S's that shuts down unexpectedly. It is determined that it is a battery issue that, thankfully, is not hazardous like that of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

It is said the problem affects iPhone 6 and 6S units manufactured between Sept. and Oct. 2015. Owners of affected phones are given battery replacements by Apple, free of charge, according to Forbes.

iPhone iOS 10.1.1 nasty surprises

Issues with Apple Health prompted the release of the update to fix the issue, however, two reported issues cropped up after the update. The battery of the iPhone goes from thirty percent to one percent in seconds and shuts down.

Another issue in iOS 10.1.1 is causing the iPhone's Earpods microphone to stop working during calls. The problem can be resolved by rebooting the phone, but the problem persists. Apple seems to not provide any fix for this problem.

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