MacBook Pro 2016 Review: Is it Apple's Almost-perfect Laptop? [Video]


Packing in a host of upgrades after a four-year wait, Apple's MacBook Pro 2016 might just as well be perfect.

Apple's noted consistency over the years has been reinforced by inventing innovations that impress users while turning off some radical changes by ditching tested standards and implementing new technologies that somehow initiate a new trend in hardware design.

MacBook Pro 2016 innovations

MacBook Pro 2016 is no exception to this innovation. The new laptop features a thinner design, lighter weight for its class, higher screen resolution, a pressure-sensitive trackpad, redesigned keyboard, and now features a power boost. Alongside these physical changes includes two new features never seen in an Apple laptop before - the "Touch Bar" and a Touch ID fingerprint scanner.

The Touch Bar replaces the function keys that many are calling a gimmick that does nothing but jacks up the MacBook Pro's price. The Touch ID fingerprint scanner, on the other hand, is a feature that iPhone and iPad users will recognize, according to The Telegraph.

MacBook Pro 2016 gripes

But it is not all praise and changes incorporated in the new MacBook Pro has somewhat been controversial. First off, it can't be upgraded. Traditional ports have been dropped like USB and SD card slots and replaced with the USB-C standard, which meant users would need to invest on dongles for their "old" gear to work with the MacBook Pro.

The price jump is another thing of an issue with the new MacBook Pro. The entry-level 13-inch MacBook Pro without the Touch Bar is priced at $1,499, while the mid-level 13-inch model is priced at $1,799 and the high-end 15-inch model is priced at $2,399.

The new Touch Bar too is an issue. Though its easy to use, some users haven't found it very useful yet, as the technology hasn't been fully adopted yet by developers to fully maximize its use.

However, of course, the biggest gripe users have on the MacBook Pro 2016 is its RAM, wherein the amount of it is pegged at 16GB. Apple's Phil Schiller already explained the reason why the new MacBook Pro is limited as we have detailed in our earlier report.

MacBook Pro 2016, ultimate for now

Getting the MacBook Pro 2016 will boil down to something more practical - ports - according to c|net. As we now know, the units come with all USB-C ports. For now, you will be forced to have special cable or dongles for your current devices to work with the MacBook Pro. It may seem daunting now, but with Apple's market influence, it won't be long when other manufacturers move in and follow Apple's lead.

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