Hyperloop Transpod Is Hiring? Start Up Secures Funding For Growth


SpaceX co-founder Elon Musk and his dream of creating a high speed railway system that takes less amount of time than necessary was only a mere dream. But his dream turned into a vision that everybody sees.

It does not only solve the need for an alternative to transportation and traffic, but it also opens doors to innovators and repurposing or inventing of technology. But there is also a business side to this venture. Which is why Transpod, a start up Hyperloop system, has just secured a $15 million funding, cites Tech Vibes. TransPod is hoping to place the company by 2020 with an outstanding global growth and commercial expansion.

What will $15 million do for Transpod? The start up is going to use the funding to expand in Canada and Italy in 2017. Transpod is looking at company growth and further investment in research and development. With their investors, Angelo Investments, TransPod is able to move forward. Vito Pertosa, founder of the investment firm, says that the company is going to shrink distances and connect people, and will create a transportation system that is 50 per cent faster than airplanes and 300 per cent faster than trains

But it is only possible if the Canadian states are open to supporting them with their test track plan in Ontario.

TransPod sees the same vision as Elon Musk and plans to offer a viable and environment-friendly solution by providing affordable mass public and high speed transportation. TransPod is pursuing Musk's goal to make Hyperloop Pods a reality.

The company claims to have their own proprietary design. But they are looking for innovative and talented people to join their team.

While university and research teams continue to work with SpaceX on the Hyperloop competition this January 2017, Transpod (email) is looking for people to join them in making the next generation of transportation.

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