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Education System Should Stop Changing, Teacher Says Leave It Alone


While change is constant, a retired school vice principal says that when it comes to the education system, change has to stop. Heather Hogan, speaks out about the chaotic reception of teachers when it comes to the constant changes in the education system.

Heather Hogan said that teachers are in a constant state of flux. She sends her message across to the New Brunswick Minister of Education regarding the recent changes.

Hogan gained her tenure from working at the Meduxnekeag Consolidated School. According to this retired school authority, the education system is currently not showing any signs of stability, cites CBC.

Hogan explains that teachers want to offer the best they can offer to their students but they are unable to do that if they do not have the resources that they need. She points out the necessity of more social workers as an example.

Rebecca Halliday has her thoughts on the education system as well. She is a teacher at Riverbend Community School. Acording to Halliday, there has to be an inclusion model in the schools. The school needs flexibility especially when it comes to students falling behind. She hopes that the education system can find solutions for students who have learning challenges. Because the needs of students are different than it was a few decades ago.

Hogan adds that there are children who do not only have learning disabilities but also mental health issues. She points out that there are families in crisis because of poverty and this is a reality inside the classroom.

Hogan said in addition to students with autism and learning disabilities, classrooms now include children with mental health issues and extreme behavioral issues. Halliday says that the system is demanding them to meet all the needs of about 30 students. Parents and families come to her for their special needs child or broken child to be cared for in school.

Their ability to learn and cope is different than most children. Which is why the education system, according to these women, should work on the resources.

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