Google Brain Created Its Own Language; Google’s AI Can Now Learn On Its Own [Video]


Google Translate is the technology used to identify hidden material between languages, Google's AI created its own language from this for what we humans call interlingua.

Previously, Google taught their artificial intelligence (AI) to play games that even went to the extent of the AI creating its own encryption. According to Wired, the AI used its language translation tool to create a new 'language' on its own.

Google Neural Machine Translation (GNMT) was put online last September. The system, which aims to improve how Google Translate works in translating languages by looking into entire sentences instead of words or short phrases. In that short span of time, it was able to create its own language to translate between languages without it being taught how.

The algorithm taught the neural network how to translate between Portuguese to English and English to Spanish. However, even without the transition between languages, the AI was able to translate Portuguese direct to Spanish, and it did it all by itself.

The technique the AI used to do so was 'invented' by the AI on its own.

According to Google, their computer scientists added additional data to the system about the languages to make the system more accurate. To their knowledge, the demonstration was a true multilingual zero-shot translation. They add that the remarkable feat is the AI was able to translate without being shown examples but the fact that it created its own language.


Google explained an Interlingua as a type of artificial language used within the AI to explain how unseen material could be translated. The AI learns from what it already knows and finds the commonalities to predict or extrapolate what it still does not. It records and encodes the semantics used instead of translating the material as is or verbatim.

To put it in non-technical language, Google Brain can now learn any language without being given lessons or no one teaching it how. The AI is not perfect yet and results so far have been "reasonable," according to MSN.

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