Google Wi-Fi Crushed Other Routers In Speed Test [Video]


Wi-Fi dead zones in your home may be a thing of the past with the new Google Wi-Fi and it reportedly smoked the competition in speed tests.

The Competition

Luma which retails for $299 touts itself for its "Surround Wi-Fi" system includes a set of three-pack routers in the package. Eero retails for $199 for a single router and if the user opts for a two-pack, would set you back $399 and $399 for a three-pack, is another high-end competitor.

Google Wi-Fi will set you off at $129 for the router and would cost you up to $299 for a three-pack system that is designed to cover a 4,000 foot home, according to Tom's Guide.

The Test

In partnership with a third-party firm, Allion USA, the test involved two units from each of the above-mentioned systems conducted in a 3,000-square foot, two-story home where Allion measured the speeds of the devices set at four different locations.

The results come as no surprise when Google emerged the fastest in all the locations chosen with an offering of 75 percent faster speeds than that of the Eero and twice as that of the Luma in the living room. In tests conducted in the house's bedroom, Google's system was found to be 23 Mbps faster than Luma and 5x faster than the Eero.

Findings of the test show that Google's mesh networking system worked best at longer distances. According to Google, their system boasts of high-gain antennas and powerful amplifiers.

What is a mesh?

The rage of having fast wireless Wi-Fi in the home is by no means new. But technologies have been improving that a single Wi-Fi spot can no longer be sufficient to service a home wherever you are without going to a spot where coverage is assured.

The mesh is actually a network of wireless routers that are in constant communication wirelessly to create a single-network covering a wide area of connectivity. The system allows the user to have multiple sources of Wi-Fi inside (or outside) the home instead of relying on just one wireless router, according to Google.

In comes Google Wi-Fi

The advantage of this for any connected home is that you no longer need ethernet cables traversing throughout the house. An added factor is that it can cover a wider area of coverage.

Making a 'mesh' of your home is easy by pre-ordering Google WiFi from the Google Store now.

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