Google Earth VR: Supports HTC Vive Headset, Launched [Video]

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Google Earth in Virtual Reality was recently launched providing support for the HTC Vive.

Google recently launched Google Earth VR, letting users explore landmarks all over the world in the comforts of their own home. Google Earth VR has been in development for some time now, according to The Verge.

The interface is akin to Google Street View, but while users get to view streets in 360-degree cameras, users of Google Earth VR can virtually roam freely around reconstructed topographical locations of the globe, or can even be used to take tours of museums and other interesting locations using the HTC Vive Headset.

Google has included several pre-set tours and destinations in the package that are comfortable and an immersive experience, according to c|net. Users can fully interact with the virtual environment in an intuitive and simple manner; however, the new app has no search feature as of yet.

Google Earth VR is slowly moving forward ever since its introduction with the Oculus Rift back in 2013. The new Google Earth VR is exclusive to the HTC Vive to start, and they might also add other platforms in the future like Google's Daydream.

Project Manager Mike Podwal says the next step for Google VR, in adding more data and tie-ins to other Google products. Google says they aim to make this "a rich geospacial way to learn about the world." For now, the project is also a natural complement to Google's Street View.

The Google Earth VR has almost 200 Million square miles covered for users to explore. With that immense size, there is should be no shortage of things to look at and admire when using Google Earth VR.

For those who already have the HTC Vive headset, Google Earth VR is free and can be downloaded from the Steam Store.

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