Apple’s New MacBook Pro: May Not Be For Everyone [Video]


Apple's new MacBook Pro is faster and lighter, but with new radical changes now present in the new package, some might be put off by this latest incarnation.

You'll need to Stock Up on Adapters

The new MacBook Pro has only one type of adapter, the USB-C Type port. The port is the only way to hook up all your devices and peripherals including power chargers. Lower-end models have two while the higher end models have four.

What this means is you will need to stock-up on adapters to plug in different devices having different connector types, which include your iPhone that has a USB-A connector. Though annoying at first, the problem can easily be resolved by purchasing inexpensive adapters, according to The New York Times.

The Touch Bar does not make that much of a difference (yet)

The new Touch Bar on the MacBook Pro might be easy to get used to after replacing the outdated function keys, but it is not nearly helpful in streamlining tasks. Added functionality can already be toggled on screen.

Until such time developers find a better functionality for the MacBook Pro Touch Bar, it remains to be regarded as a gimmick.

Speed and memory are limited

The MacBook Pro albeit having a faster and CPU, GPU, and storage device, the 16GB LPDDR3 RAM limits for users who need more power, without having to offer the unit to be configurable up to 32GB, Forbes reported . The more RAM available to the user, the more applications run simultaneously. Not to mention newer applications are fast becoming memory hogs requiring more power.

Powerful for the casual users

The Macbook Pro is powerful, an overkill really for casual users who will consider getting one for simple web browsing and light work. It may even be powerful enough for professionals but not for power users, one major factor stated above is the speed and memory limits.

On the PLUS side

The MacBook Pro albeit having its connector and hardware limitations is blazingly fast. The Retina Display is stunning and the keyboard is surprisingly responsive and it now sports a pressure-sensitive trackpad, in addition, it is light at only two pounds.

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