MacBook Pro 2016 BUG ISSUES: Some 15-inch Models Misreporting Integrated Graphics As Intel Iris 580 [Video]

By , UniversityHerald Reporter

Users of the new 15-inch MacBook Pro 2016 are reporting that their machines are running a different integrated graphics in their System Information. It reports their machines are running Intel Iris Pro 580 rather than the advertised Intel HD Graphics in the tech specs.

The glitch reported first by Mac Rumors was initially found in demo units in Apple Store Showrooms. These drew no concern, citing that the stores might be using a higher speced units in-store. The problem started circulating when several new MacBook Pro owners reported the same scenario that is found in laptops they have bought.

According to Digital Trends, the MacBook Pro System Information is reporting the Intel Iris Pro 580 as the GPU, whereas the Device ID string reports "191b." The string is identified with the lower-end Intel HD Graphics 530, the same as the advertised specs expected to be incorporated in the machine.  However, the Iris Pro 580 is not intended for the new MacBook Pros, which might be the reason for the confusion.

The mismatch in the report suggests a bug in the MacOS Sierra. Furthermore, the same report also says that the mismatched report is not showing any performance improvement one would expect from a higher end graphics card.

The MacBook Pro reports the correct hardware configuration when running on batteries; however, it states that the unit is using an Intel Iris 580 as the GPU once it is plugged into the AC. Users say that the inaccuracy reported by System Information do not cause any performance issues other than misreporting the hardware component.

The incident is the second reported issue on the MacBook Pro. Just recently, another issue has been raised regarding the laptop's System Integrity Protection feature. The feature is disabled in MacBook Pro Models with the Touch Bar.

Apple has yet to comment on the reported MacBook Pro issues.

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