Beyonce And Jay Z On Blue Ivy’s Education


Celebrity couples and their kids are always in the spotlight. But that does not stop them from fulfilling their parental duties.

For Beyonce and Jay Z, they are trying to be the best parents they can be when it comes to their daughter Blue Ivy. Which is why they are now focusing on their daughter's education.

Beyonce and Jay Z are described as hardly an average mom and dad couple, cites US Weekly. But human as they are, they are trying to make it work and work hard for their daughter. According to the publication, the couple are quite involved with their daughter's enrollment to a private school in Los Angeles.

But before Blue Ivy started her schooling, Jay Z and Beyonce did their research before moving to a different area. The family lived in New York City. When Blue Ivy arrived at an age that is ready for a proper school education, the couple spoke with Gwyneth Paltrow for some tips. The actress informed the musical couple that the quality of life for her and her kids in Los Angeles were enough to convince the couple to move to Los Angeles.

The couple decided to invest Blue Ivy's education on a toddler program that focuses on the individual developmental needs. The school is said to require a $19,000 per year tuition fee.

Clearly, the couple is investing quite a lot into Blue Ivy's future starting with her early education. Spectators often see one of the couple picking up or dropping off Blue Ivy in the private school. Some of the parents would even sit beside Jay Z during their regular PTA meetings.

The couple is now focusing on their future in Los Angeles and with Blue Ivy's early education. It is not yet clear which school they are going to when she is at the right age for grade school education.

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