‘Puyo Puyo Chronicle’ More Characters, Skills Revealed; Skill Battle Rule Details Explained [VIDEO]


More "Puyo Puyo Chronicle" characters and their skills were revealed recently by SEGA. The Skill Battle Rule was also explained by the video game company.

"Puyo Puyo Chronicle" more characters

According to the official website of "Puyo Puyo Chronicle," more characters have been added to the roster of the puzzle video game. The number of characters revealed for the video game has now risen to 20.

The first to be introduced was Rafine, who is a rich girl studying at the Magic School in Primp town. Her auto skill is called Filled with Confidence and her special skill is Etincelle.

Yu-chan and Rei-kun is a sibling pair and are also ghosts that like to talk in puns and riddles. Their auto skill is called Beyond the Veil and their special skill is Silent Step.

Lulue is a skilled martial artist and claims to be Arles' rival in love. Her auto skill is Queen's Attack and her special skill is Queen's Dance.

Klug is a student at the Magic School in Primp Town and carries an important book around with him. His auto skill is Honor Student and his special skill is Nebula.

Lemres is a Comet warlock from an elite magic school and he loves sweets too much. His auto skill is Master Sorcerer's Magic and his special skill is Crème Double.

Fehli has the auto skill Dubious Good-luck Charm and the special skill Luminary. Another is the Witch who has frequent giggling fits and came from the same world as Arles. Her auto skill is Witch Clan and her special skill is Foreign Star.

Risukuma-senpai is a strange being who looks like a combination of squirrel and bear. His auto skill is Successful Experiment and his special skill is Wow Eini.

Last to be introduced is the Ocean Prince, who was once a human prince, but wished to become a fish to escape the castle. His auto skill is Prince Knowledge and his special skill is Noble Run.

"Puyo Puyo Chronicle" Skill Battle rule explained

According to another post on the official website of "Puyo Puyo Chronicle," the Skill Battle is a new rule where players can form a team with a maximum of three characters. This will give them the advantage to advance the battle by using the skills that each character has. Those who are not good with puzzle games can defeat enemies by using this method in the video game.

Check out the "Puyo Puyo Chronicle" gameplay video below:

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