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Getting employed is the number one priority right after college for a lot of students. College and university graduates who invested on a four year course are eager to get out and find a job. A job that can turn into a long term career.

Many schools, colleges and universities are also aiming for that same result. However, each school has different methods.

According to reports, the University of Manchester is the best school to go to for graduates to get employed right away. As highlighted by The Times Higher Education, the University of Manchester ranks the school as having the most employable graduates.

The University of Manchester's Career Services head, Tammy Goldfeld, explains that the school's employability rate comes from their teaching approach. The school focuses on developing the skill sets needed for the students. Goldfeld says that they offer practical support aside from the conventional teaching methods.

The school's focus is also to encourage their students to participate in extra co-curricular activities that are not even related to their degrees. According to Goldfeld, this creates a social responsibility and develops the leadership skills of the students.

The rank comes from a survey gathered from over six thousand global recruitment managers and business managers, cites MancUnion. The survey took into consideration the number of recruited graduates per year as well as what they look for in an employable graduate. Although the university did not get the top spot, it did get fifth place in the United Kingdom and 24th place globally. The school is described to prepare students for work.

Goldfeld shares information about the Career Services and its employers, stating that the graduates they employ have extra skill sets that they value. As a result, employers and companies are impressed with the graduates coming from the University of Manchester.

To view the full rankings, visit the Times Higher Education Website.

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