Trump Talks Education With Liberty University Jerry Falwell

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While celebrities and other notable industries showed their support for Hillary Clinton when it comes to education, Trump also has someone behind him in full support.

Liberty University President Jerry Falwell Jr. is a President elect Donald Trump supporter. And he is described to have a strong and unwavering support of Trump in his campaign.

Last year, on December 9, Falwell met with Donald Trump and sat down with him regarding his role he could play when it comes to education. In January 2016, he pledges his full support for Trump, cites Nola. He has received criticism for his support to Donald Trump and his campaign. Many express that Falwell has been blinded by Trump and that he does not see Trump's true character and values. Still, Falwell stands firm on his decision.

Through Trump's campaign, Falwell stood by regardless of the scandal and negative PR Trump has received. Which is why after the news broke that he won the United States Presidential Elections, Trump went ahead and scheduled a meeting with Falwell on Thursday, November 17. The two met again at the Trump Tower in New York to discuss the future of education in his upcoming administration.

Before Trump takes his seat in the Oval Office, Falwell said he already knows what role he will play in the nation's education system. Although he did not mention anything specific and particular, he did indicate that it was a good discussion.

However, he did express that he has always been concerned about the Education Department's management of colleges and universities when it comes to financial aid and student loans. Student debt has been an issue for several Americans and this is something Falwell wants to address and look into.

Aside from the general brief of their discussion, Falwell insists on waiting for further announcements. Much more could be revealed when Trump takes his seat as the United States President.

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