Apple’s iPhone 7 Consumers Being Kept In The Dark? LTE Speed Limit Hides Difference Between Intel And Qualcomm Chips

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Recent research has been made and it showed results that not all Apple iPhone 7 are equal when it comes to LTE speed and data downloading. The research, which was done by Twin Prime Inc. and Cellular Insights, revealed that iPhone 7 running on Verizon Communication Network can potentially run faster than those that are running on AT&T Inc.

But when the researchers did further test on both phones, it showed that the two phones are equal in speed. In a statement released by Twin Prime, their research showed that iPhone 7 is not using Verizon's network's capacity to the fullest. They've added that it is possible Apple disabled some features.

Not Created Equal?

In the highly-competitive market of smartphones, it is quite an unusual tactic to limit the feature of one's product. Each company aims to be the best of the best. Some experts believe that Apple's strategy aims to standardize the experience of all iPhone 7 users.

Could this really be the reason behind? Sources such as Bloomberg are revealing that the root cause of the problem goes deeper and that it is beyond one's service provider. Reports are now claiming that iPhone 7 under Verizon has a Qualcomm X12 modem while iPhone 7 under AT&T have an Intel modem.

What's the difference? For starters, Qualcomm modem can download data at the speed of 600 megabit per second while Intel modem has a speed of 450 megabits per second.

Keeping The Partners Happy

In the true Apple tradition, the company always aims to keep their partner network happy and one way to do that is to make sure that iPhone 7's speed is the same on all network regardless off the network's or the phone's true capacity.

Many believe that Apple's strategy might backfire. The users of iPhone 7 might feel they've been cheated. After all, they've all paid the same amount for it so there's no reason why they should not be getting the same chip inside. According to NDTV, Apple is saying that the reports are not true. It is up to the users to decide on who to believe - the research or Apple's statement.

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