'Star Wars Battlefront' News & Update: DICE Confirms Balance Patch Along With 'Rogue One' DLC This Holiday! [VIDEO]


Gamers all around are well familiar that games will inevitably need some tweaks and refinements from time to time. As such, fans of the highly-acclaimed action-shooter video game, "Star Wars Battlefront," will be pleased to hear the EA DICE has confirmed that it will be releasing some needed updates in the near future along with some more new content, according to sources.

It was recently reported that the popular video game, "Star Wars Battlefront," will be getting some needed updates sometime soon, iDigital Times reported. The source took note that the balance update will be dropping just before the "Rogue One" DLC and other new contents arrive in December.

To be more precise, iDigital Times cited a tweet by Electronic Arts' DICE Associate Design Director Dennis Brännvall, who stated that their team is well on their way to delivering the balance patch along with the game's movie tie-in "Rogue One" DLC and their very first VR experience.

However, iDigital Times is of the opinion that current players of "Star Wars Battlefront" might have a mixed reactions to this. On one hand, the source noted that it might be good since the game currently feels unplayable due to the number of glitches and bugs that have stifled certain game modes. On the other hand, hardocre fans who have endured the gameplay loop might not welcome the new changes that will come this holiday.

On top of the balance update that will refine and address certain issues in "Star Wars Battlefront," one thing for sure is that fans will be getting some additional content once the "Rogue One" DLC hits this coming holidays.

It was reported that fans of the game will be delighted to hear that the "Rogue One" DLC will add a new map (Scarif) on its Season Pass and also put players in an exclusive virtual reality mission via the PSVR, Vinereport has learned. It was also mentioned that the "Star Wars Battlefront Rogue One: X-Wing VR Mission" will take place at the same time period as of its prequel.

It seems that fans are in for a great ride once the "Rogue One" DLC and the balance update arrives on the "Star Wars Battlefront" in December.

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