Why Donald Trump Got Votes From Americans Without College Degree


The United States presidential elections may be over. Donald Trump will take his place in the oval office as the next President of the United States in January 2017.

But the question surrounding the results often can be answered by the demographic of the votes. According to a recent report, majority of Trump's votes came from American voters who graduated without a college degree. Compare that to Hillary Clinton's votes who came from voters who did graduate.

The question in this case is why Americans who did not graduate with a college degree vote for real estate mogul Donald Trump, cites NY Post. Majority of these voters were able to finish high school and had ambitions of making a career with a long time employment. But it seems the recent economic conditions were not conducive for them. They were either unable to complete their degree or were not able to start one at all.

Because Hillary Clinton is backing on continuing Obama's legacy, many Americans fear of worse times. According to the publication, Obama's term was the worst term when it comes to college education because college costs continued to rise. Students and parents were forced to work hard and loan more in order to pay their student debts.

Student debt was and is still an issue in America. People struggle to meet and pay those debts throughout their careers, especially right after graduation. The ones who started a degree and didn't finish have the shorter end of the stick. According to a study, there were 80,000 bartenders in America who graduated with college degrees. There could be more who only graduate with some years in college.

Hoping to avoid a repeat of the previous administration, these Americans look to Trump for a better solution. Majority of the labor force still requires a good college degree in order to land a great job. Most of them are STEM jobs, but not many are able to gain access to such education because of financial and economical constraints.

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