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Hyperloop One Settles Lawsuit With Undisclosed Settlement


As everyone is getting ready for the pod testing in California this January 2017, executives are settling something on the side. Chief Executive Officer Rob Lloyd speaks about a settlement between Hyperloop One and four other previous employees.

Like many other companies, Hyperloop One is still a business. With high school, college students and university researchers are getting ready to test their pods and move forward to the next stage of advanced transportation, some are said to be focusing on other things. Namely, stealing company secrets, cites USA Today. Lloyd insists that everyone is looking forward to the Q1 milestones and feature Hyperloop One as the future of transportation. This is the CEO's way of steering everyone away from the "Gang of Four" law suit. Dubbed "Gang of Four" because it comprises of former CTO Brogan BmBrogan, David Pedergast William Mulholland and Knut Sauer.

After SpaceX CEO and co-founder Elon Musk challenged the world to stay with him on making a transportation system that would take them from Los Angeles to San Francisco in thirty minutes or less. While a lot of people were on board with this solution as an address to the world's traffic and transportation problems, some had other plans.

In July 2016, BamBrogan and the three other Hyperloop One employees filed a law suit. They cited that Uber investor Shervin Pishevar has violated his fiducial duties. They also wrote of wrongful termination and breach of contract. But Hyperloop One countersued and accused the four of stealing company secrets.

While students are busy building and testing their pods, Hyperloop One is ensuring that the technological, commercial and entrepreneurial aspect of the track is on schedule. Hyperloop One is looking at commercially creating a track overseas, most likely in Dubai. The company is also looking t Holland, Finland and Moscow.

While Hyperloop is battling internal affairs, Elon Musk's dream is still not budging. Many are still looking forward to January 2017 when high school, college and university teams are going to test their pods at the California site.

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