‘Beyond Good And Evil 2’ Development, Themes, Other Details Revealed [VIDEO]


"Beyond Good and Evil 2's" development, the game's themes and other details were revealed by the game creator. The fans said that the game should live to their expectations when it launches.

Game creator reveals reason for "Beyond Good and Evil 2" birth

Michel Ancel told French newspaper Le Monde in an exclusive interview that it was Yves Guillemot who called him to make "Beyond Good and Evil 2." The truth was he was going to leave his previous team after creating "Rayman Legends" in 2013, since he was one of the founders of the new studio Wildsheep. Ancel also said that he could not say no to Guillemot's proposal.

"Beyond Good and Evil 2" timeline

Ancel revealed that the original project for "Beyond Good and Evil 2" started in 2007, but it was abandoned in 2009. The development team came back to start working on it again in 2012 to 2013. He felt that it would take three to four more years to finish the game.

What Ancel thinks of "Beyond Good and Evil 2" as a project

Ancel described "Beyond Good and Evil 2" as a fabulous and ambitious project. He also said that launching the game on actual consoles is a possibility.

"Beyond Good and Evil 2's" difference with prequel

The game creator said that "Beyond Good and Evil 2" focuses more on civilization. The prequel, "Beyond Good and Evil" was about mass manipulation and the media, but the sequel will be completely different. It will focus more on conspiracy, the human aspect, and the introduction of surprising characters.

"Beyond Good and Evil 2" pacing is important

Ancel revealed that the pacing of the story is extremely important to him. To make the gamers not get bored with "Beyond Good and Evil 2," he wants the background story to be broad with discovery points on well-placed sections.

"Beyond Good and Evil 2" current development

The development team is currently creating the world of "Beyond Good and Evil 2" since it is the heart of the game, Ancel revealed. After completing that section, they will start working on the narrative side.

"Beyond Good and Evil 2" fans expectations

According to the official forums of NeoGAF, a member said that he expects that "Beyond Good and Evil 2" will be really good when it launches. Another member said that they just want Ancel to finish the game so that he can freely make another one afterwards.

Check out the "Beyond Good and Evil 2" teaser trailer video below:

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