‘WWE SuperCard’ Season 3 To Launch Soon; Royal Rumble has Been Added [VIDEO]


Game publisher 2K Games has announced that "WWE SuperCard" Season 3 will be launched very soon. The Royal Rumble mode has also been added to the online strategy card game.

"WWE SuperCard" Season 3 release date

According to an earlier post on the official website of "WWE SuperCard," it was announced that the Season 3 update of the online card game will be available in November, without a specific date. It tweeted recently that the release date of the new season will now be on Nov. 16.

"WWE SuperCard" Season 3 contents

The season 3 of "WWE SuperCard" will contain several new modes and a whole lot of new content for players and online card enthusiasts to enjoy. It will feature the Wild, which is presented in a No DQ format, and it allows players to use Legacy cards, season 2 cards, and the latest cards to be played in an open competition. Ranked has a LIVE environment where they can compete and play against other real players.

Ring Domination, Money in the Bank, King of the Ring, People's Champion Challenge, and Road to Glory, will also be carried over to season 3. The season 2 cards will also be playable across all new modes in season 3.

"WWE SuperCard" Royal Rumble mode

 In addition to the release date of "WWE SuperCard," 2K Games announced another card mode for season 3. According to another post on the official website of the online card game, they have added the Royal Rumble mode, which is a 15-card on 15-card card battle where players battle another player until the last card standing wins the game.

This mode is intended to be a mid-game type, which means that it will last longer than the other two modes, but it will not last as long as the King of the Ring. This mode is for players who want to use a wide variety of cards in a unique type of card battle.

Check out the "WWE SuperCard" season 3 interview video below:

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