New ‘Horizon Zero Dawn’ Video Explains Development Of Vast Open World [VIDEO]


Game developer Guerilla Games released a new video explaining the development of the open world of "Horizon Zero Dawn." Digital Deluxe Edition contents of the video game have also been revealed.

"Horizon Zero Dawn" environments revealed

In the new "Horizon Zero Dawn" video, which can be viewed below, Guerilla Games explained how the team created and developed the expansive open world of their upcoming action RPG. According to the official blog of PlayStation, the game will have different kinds of environments like deserts, snowy mountains, green valleys, woodlands, and many more, and it will have a dynamic day and night cycle.

"Horizon Zero Dawn's" reality of its world

"Horizon Zero Dawn" is set after the fall of today's society and mostly mechanized animals and dinosaurs roam the land with a few human villages left. Ancient ruins are scattered all over, which gives the game's world an eerie flashback of a distant future to a crumbling remnant of its reality.

"Horizon Zero Dawn" environment used for hunting prey and battle

In the video, game director Mathjis De Jonge guided the player to initiate a quest to hunt a herd of machines to harvest parts from them, which can be used to create new, upgraded arrows. The quest led to a rock, wooded landscape, which allowed the main protagonist Aloy to use the terrain to her advantage.

The Clifftops and the outcrops in the terrain were used to spot the prey, while the tall grasses were used to provide cover when Aloy moved in to stalk her prey. Traps can be set inside the narrow mountain passes, and then lure the machines into them. These are just examples of the many ways players can use the terrain to their advantage.

"Horizon Zero Dawn" Digital Deluxe Edition revealed

In other "Horizon Zero Dawn" related news, a Digital Deluxe Edition of the video game was revealed recently. According to the official website of PlayStation Store, the deluxe edition will include in-game bonus costumes, weapons, and resource packs. For those who will pre-order, they can take advantage of the pre-order bonuses like a PlayStation 4 dynamic theme, outfit, bow, and a trapper pack.

Check out the "Hoizon Zero Dawn" Creating a New World video below:

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