PlayStation 4 Pro Guide & Tips: How To Transfer PS4 Data Files To PS4 Pro


Transferring old PlayStation 4 game and data files to the new PlayStation 4 Pro will only take a few steps. Just follow this simple guide and you can play the games in the new PS4 Pro in no time.

First, turn on both consoles and Update the system software for both PS4 Pro and PS4 console. The system software should at least be version 4.0 and above. Connect both consoles to the Internet but signed the PS4 Pro to the PlayStation Network using your PSN details. Only the PS4 Pro needs a TV connection.

The PS4 Pro will then ask if user want to transfer data files from the old PS4 console. Follow the on-screen instructions and hold the PS4 power button until it beeps to begin the transfer process. You then need to connect the two consoles via LAN cable. The LAN port is located at the back of each console. An alternative method requires connecting each console to the router via two LAN cables.

Now choose what data to transfer and once the selection is complete, the console will inform you how much disk space is left after the transfer and how will it take. Once this process is finished, the PS4 Pro will asked user if it wants the console to be the primary PS4. Choose yes to activate it as Primary PS4, if not choose no. Bear in mind that the Primary PS4 is the console that gets updated and contacted by PSN.

Not all data from your console however, can be transferred. Sensitive data such as passwords and profile data that you have not been signed to your old console as well as un-synched trophy data will not be included.

New PS4 Pro owners could skip these steps if they want to start fresh can simply select "Cancel" when prompted by the new console for data transfer. Previously downloaded games from the PlayStation Store or PlayStation Plus can be seen in the Library. Go to the "Purchased" so you can download them again.

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