PlayStation VR Gaming Experience Better In PlayStation 4 Pro, Fact Or Fiction? [VIDEO]


PlayStation VR owners are curious if the new PlayStation Pro 4 can improve the virtual reality gameplay. Several VR game developers shared their thoughts on that subject.

Virtual Reality Games On PlayStation 4 Pro

"Battlezone" developer Rebellion explained that the VR game has 1512p resolution on the current gen PlayStation 4, but the PlayStation 4 Pro can increase that resolution to 1890p. Meanwhile, PlayStation VR has a 1080p resolution that does not change whether players are using PS4 or the Pro model.

Rebellion representative Jeb Mayers did concede that the PS4 Pro has the advantage when it comes to resolution fidelity and antialiasing. Basically, running the PSVR on a PS4 Pro makes the smallest game details look sharp and also allows players to read smaller texts that would otherwise be unreadable under the current PS 4. The PS4 Pro achieved this feat through a process called supersampling.

"Rez Infinite" developer Enhance Games also noticed that the resolution is noticeably better in Pro. Enhance CEO Tetsuya Mizuguchi explained that the PSVR resolution remains constant. But since the PS4 Pro is rendering the image at a higher resolution, it still manages to make each particle in the game a little clearer or more solid looking.

PlayStation VR on PlayStation 4 Pro Conclusion

Using the PSVR in tandem with the PS4 Pro does improve the gaming experience but not much when it comes to current games. Gaming experts believed that VR developers will need to invest their time in creating games that will take advantage of the Pro's increased computing capacity. It is also believed that the financial investment in developing better VR games for the PS4 Pro is not that huge especially if Sony is willing to give game developers a hand.

For now, PlayStation 4 players who want to play PSVR games are not really missing much. It will take a few years more before the VR quality between a PS4 and PS4 Pro changed substantially.

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