Best 4 Books To Read In 2016: Heat Up The Academic Life! [VIDEO]


Are you finding it hard to concentrate with the very serious mood of the academic life? The best solution to that is literature- here are the best 4 books to read in 2016 to excite your way to academic life!

These latest books also feature the latest crème de la crème in literature. Some of these books are personal notes of significant people in the contemporary. Among these is the spicy book by Fox News icon Megyn Kelly. Finally, this late-fall reading list offers the most treasured subjects of today, some thought-provoking and some simply can't be put down, the Wall Street Journal stated.

Here are the best 4 books:

1. Butter: A Rich History by Elaine Khosrova

In a very straightforward yet unique style, Ms. Elaine Khosrova expertly gets her facts straight through research. Even more, she magnetizes readers to her book by introducing them stories of the past, stories that tell about the dairymaid culture. The text which she anchors everything in is dated was back in the 18th century, as such, preindustrial. Everything about cheese and its neighboring issues-that's the scent of her book.

2. Settle for More by Megyn Kelly

The first question goes, "who'd not be pumped up by this book". A personal note, a memoir, a journal of the self-it has so much to offer than expected of it. The lethal command of Fox News icon, Kelly teases and taunts the audience with the issues in perspective- issues like the sexual harassment of lead anchor Roger Ailes, the Trump tip-off, the aftermath of the first Republican presidential debate, etc.

3. Forever Words: The Unkown Poems by Johnny Cash

With the poems collected and edited by Paul Muldoon, the book transports the readers to as early as the time when Cash's career is only taking place. Moreover, the book presents personal hand-written notes by Cash himself.

4. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them: The Original Screenplay by J.K. Rowling

Come on! That's JK Rowling rolling magical words into the pages. Who would not want to read? With its title certainly leaving a permanent mark in the industry as the 2016 film rolls through, there's not a single reason for it to fall short of orders in bookstores. With fictional character from whose voice we are gearing up with in the story, Newt Scamander, the book introduces us to pre-wizardly world when Harry Potter was yet an unborn soul. In the film, Scamander was played by actor top actor Eddie Redmayne.

In the midst of the chorus of voices and answers today taking into mind the recent post-election discourses, the very serious atmosphere of academic life, etc., literature offers an outlet. And that outlet is the truth. It simply speaks of the truth. No more, no less. By all means, literature does offer its consolations-and truths, Jim Booth stated in Scholars and Rogues.

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