MIT Receives UNESCO Medal For Attained Academic And Tech Heights! [VIDEO]


The Massachusetts Institute of Technology receives high honor from UNSECO in the form of a medal. The award recognizes the institute's attained academic and technology heights and its contributions to the world industries by providing the life support systems. UNESCO, on the other hand, continues giving honors to life support-centered institutes all over the world.

On specific fields, nanotechnologies and nanoscience, the MIT has swelled in insurmountable excellence quality. It has contributed much to healthcare with its life support systems. For that very reason, the institute garnered the appreciation of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural organization (UNESCO).

Quite clearly, UNESCO has since been enthralled over the idea of life support since its establishment way back in 2010. Hence, central in its vision is the goodwill of mankind. Not only in science and technology, UNESCO propagates that individuals all over the world can empower themselves with available cultural wealth.

To sum up the recognitions UNSECO has given through the years to about a hundred renowned scientists, academics, public figures, etc. who have contributed to the overall development of institutes all over the world. Notably, 30 of those awardees are scientists who have molded greatly what nanoscience and nanotechnology has become today.

This year, MIT shares the pedestal with St. Petersburg State University of Information Technologies in Russia. Awarded with the universities altogether are individual figures, scientists from the United Arab Emirates, Korea, UK, and Ukraine. All these names punctuate history with remarkable feats in science and technology, leading to the provision of the best life support systems, MIT News reported.

Meanwhile, UNSECO continues its advocacies by recognizing more global institutes as it honors today early New Zealand heritage documents. By such act, UNSECO can propagate to the world the importance of literature through the tradition of documentation and history-writing, another essential life support system, Scoop: Independent News reported.

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