‘Arrival': Academic And Scientific Discourse Now Engineers The Language Of Film


The latest science-fiction film "Arrival" bewilders audiences by reintroducing the main issue of extraterrestrial contact in a new light and posing a question on how humans can best make contact with intelligent aliens. Thanks to Director Denise Villeneuve, significant scientific and academic discussions were facilitated and as a result, the main language of film is engineered in the process- discourse.

Engagement in all its forms is the primary language of film. It ceases to weave meaningful stories if the discourse and the collaboration of ideas reach to a halt. By all means this is what the film "Arrival" has achieved.

Now, back to the question- is there a possibility of making contact with an intelligent extraterrestrial civilization? To SETI Institute in Mountain View, California astronomer, Seth Shostak, it's a yes and a no, LiveScience reported.

Making such kind of contact which has been a glorious dream of humankind, as seen through many Hollywood movies, is almost possible. Therefore, it can actually be achieved.

However, the only prominent backslide to such feat is not the lack of technology, but the enormousness of the consequences. There are hard-track protocols to be followed and whether we improvise or act out impulsively, we won't surely be impervious from the consequences.

This is only one of the scientific threads the film rekindled. Along its line is the resurfacing of the "Seven Phases to Contact" which was reported in a book about UFOS published in 1967. Conspiracy theories, myths, urban legends, military strategies for accumulation of power are among the many steady discourses triggered even more by the film.

As a result, Christopher Orr, a staunch critic in the Atlantic calls Villeneuve's "Arrival" the best film of the year. As if it couldn't get farther, more critics are even calling the film an achievement in terms of engineering the main language of film, Hudson Valley reported.

The film jolts audiences in between a hair-standing delivery by A-list Amy Adams, portraying the smart and sensible academic Dr. Louise Banks and a display of out-of-this-earth visuals, a time-defying score by Jóhann Jóhannsson and a hefty plot by Eric Heisserrer. Further heating things up is the reassuring presence of theoretical physicist Ian Donnelly, played by another A-list actor Jeremy Renner.

"Arrival" takes the3rd place in the box-office today right under "Dr. Strange". With a strong pre-release debut, garnering $24 million, experts predict that it could engineer a lot more of institutions of discourse from scientific and academic communities and can thus further earn up higher than its present $16 million net, Variety reported.

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