‘Dishonored 2’ Tips & Tricks: How to Survive a Long Fall by Creating Doppelganger? [VIDEO]


There's a new trick that was recently discovered by the players of "Dishonored 2" that will surely makes the game more exciting. Read more details about the Doppelganger trick here!

"Dishonored 2" Doppelganger Tricks

If the game Assassin's Creed will enable the players to be their own haystack, "Dishonored 2" offers more than that. A recent discovered trick will open the doors for the players to know more about the ways on how to kill people as well as avoiding it.

This new ability refers to Doppelganger where the player can distract his enemies by ways of creating another version of his self. A "Dishonored 2" player named Tom Francis has recently tweeted about his experience of surviving a long fall by creating a doppelganger and eventually killed it, according to Polygon.

Furthermore, players are looking ahead a more exciting experience as they promised to look for more tricks and shortcuts. Accordingly, "Dishonored 2" requires the player to think outside the box and routes to be able to have great advantage over the enemies even if that means creating more clones in a short-term basis.

For more details about the latest discovered tricks, an 18-minute video tutorial can be watch here.

"Dishonored 2" Reviews

 After the much anticipated released of "Dishonored 2", the game has been well-received by the gaming community that is evident on the mainstream reviews. According to Kotaku, "Dishonored 2" is not as perfect as it is because it lacks the narrative part but it will surely take the players inside its most fascinating world.

In addition, the game has the ability to solicit genuine expressions from the players themselves because of its Shakespearean taste of theme, challenging gameplays and enhance the skills of the players to just let them find their own solutions to the obstacles in the game. Moreover, "Dishonored 2" has also the ability to turn the emotions of the player's upside-down just like what the two immersive games "Deus Ex" and "Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines" did.

In conclusion, "Dishonored 2" is an imperfect but perfect game that is likely to succeed beyond the unexpected odds. 

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