Elon Musk, Donald Trump Partnership Will Speed Up SpaceX Mars Human Colonization? [RUMORS]


The business-minded Elon Musk and newly elect US President Donald Trump have the high possibility of forging a partnership to speed up human colonization on Mars. Read more details here!

Donald Trump's Space Policy

During the campaign period, Donald Trump has been vocal about his plans for space exploration. As a matter of fact, the newly elected president of the United States together with his two advisors have come up with an Opinion Editorial entitled "Trump's Space Policy Reaches for Mars and the Stars", a separate section of a newspaper where Trump assures the people that the hope is still alive for human mars habitation in the coming years, Space News reported.

In addition, it seems like Mars is more important to Trump than the Earth as other reports suggesting that the budget allocated by NASA for earth-centric climate change studies is likely to be redirect towards space exploration. NASA uses Armada satellites for the conduct of scientific studies about earth science and the agency launched the of Cyclone Global Navigation Satellite System (CYGNSS) last November 10 at NASA headquarters.

Elon Musk and Donald Trump Partnership for Mars Exploration

The world's most popular billionaire and owner of TESLA, SpaceX and Solar City, Elon Musk has been very vocal about his aversions on Donald Trump. He even released a statement to the press about the dangers that his empire is facing under Trump's administration.

But, on the other hand, there is an on-going petition in urging the Silicon Valley titan to explain climate change to Donald Trump. According to Inverse, the newly elected US President need to be enlighten about the situation as he thinks that the issue on climate change is just a scam.

Meanwhile, Musk is thinking about meeting Trump. For this reason, netizens are hopeful about the outcome of the meeting and they look forward for the partnership of Elon Musk and Donald Trump on Mars Exploration most especially when the two of them have the same penchant for business. 

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