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Did ‘The Game Awards’ Changed it Mind About the ‘No Man’s Sky’ Game?


There's the upcoming Game Awards and then there's "No Man's Sky." For fans, who grilled the game even before the award giving body realizes its lapses, it's an absolute disgrace. It was too much when the title was included at the awards, let alone give it an almost perfect trailer.

The Game Awards host and creator Geoff Keighly, in an interview with the Polygon addressed the issues of the "No Man's Sky" games in way, it relates to how they give awards to game developers. He said, there is the need to dig deeper on how the developers reveal the true state of their games.

According to Attack of the Fanboy, in the case of "No Man's Sky," fans were left waiting for the next update when the game seemed to have stopped at nothing. With recurring challenges and more bugs and issues, game developer Hello Games remained quiet for months while they "trierd" to fix the problem.

Fans who were desperate to know the status of the game and its updates were left unanswered in the game's official twitter page as well as its developers. These particular incidents led to The Game Awards questioning their role in determining who gets it and who will not.

Keighly on his part doubted their purpose. In "No Man's Sky" game, he's afraid The Game Awards created something too much that hyped up the fans only to be faced with the reality; "No Man's Sky" is not the game they thought it to be.

He calls for transparency, for game developers to be more honest with the status of their games. That's basically to say, do not sensationalize something that is not actually there or is planned to be up there. The Games Awards will happen on Dec. 1, 2016; make sure to check us here at the University Herald and see who bagged the most awards in gaming.

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