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‘Watch Dogs 2’ Release Date, News & Update: Explicit Idea Puts Ubisoft in Hot Water; Suspends Sony Entertainment Account of One Player


Fans of "Watch Dogs 2" were ecstatic when the game was released on Tuesday, Nov. 15. However, along with the arrival of the game were few revelations that while it may seem normal in real life, an apparent degrading input is in the new Watch Dogs game.

Posted on NeoGaf is a player's testimony regarding Ubisoft's idea of including the female genitalia in the game. During the course of the game, the player under the handle Goron 2000 accidentally blew up women at the back alley while using a gas pipe. Surprisingly, one dismembered female character featured an explicit scene that clearly showed the female genitalia. Whether it was excitement or pure amusement, the player took a photo of the scene and the exposed female genitalia and shared it on twitter as well as "Watch Dogs 2" early release access.

The move to share the images apparently caused the player's Sony Entertainment Network account to get suspended for a month. The player now questions the suspension, saying why would he be suspended for a shared explicit image that Sony Entertainment allowed to enter their govern?

In a statement released on the Polygon, Ubisoft has addressed the issue saying that they are working on moderating the scene and making it more appropriate on the NPC. Ubisoft also stressed out that while "Watch Dogs 2" is a mature-rated game, they also consider such concerns and confirmed that the interest of their fans is their primary concern.

Meanwhile, an end to end map of the "Watch Dogs 2" game as well as its 40-minute gameplay can be seen on the video below. Players who have not bought the game may want to take a look at the walkthrough and see if the game is worth buying. As for the explicit content from Ubisoft, it might not be available this time.

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