Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Versus Apple iPad Pro 2: Release Dates, Rumored Specs, Prices [VIDEO]


Microsoft and Apple will rekindle old rivalries with the Surface Pro 5 and iPad Pro 2. Both have no set release date yet but the rumored specs and prices are enough to make a comparison.

Processing Power

Microsoft will either use the Sky Lake or the Intel Kaby Lake as the processor for tis Surface Pro 5. On the other hand Apple will most likely put the A10x processor inside iPad Air Pro 2. There are rumors that the A10x faster than the regular PC.

The Surface Pro 5 can run at minimum of 8 GB although this can be increase further. A high-end unit will most likely have 16GB RAM and either an AMD or Nvidia graphic card. The iPad Pro 2 basic unit will possibly run on 4GB RAM, according to PC Advisor

Which Has The Better Display?

The latest Surface Pro display will retain the 12+ inch PixelSense. However, prospective customers may be given a choice between a 2K and 4K screen resolution. Meanwhile, Apple will reportedly release three display sizes namely, 9.7, 10.5 and 12.9 inch.

Battery And Connectivity

Both Microsoft and Apple installed the usual connectivity features such as Bluetooth and WiFi as well as the C-Type USB ports. The Surface Pro 5 will reportedly have a better battery compared to its predecessor. The battery for the iPad Pro 2 is also expected to performed better.

How Much Do These Two Costs?

There is no definite retail price set for the upcoming devices yet. Industry observers however, estimate that Microsoft may sell the Surface Pro 5 basic unit at around $900. Apple on the other hand may offer the iPad Pro 2 at $800.

When Will The Surface Pro 5 And iPad Pro 2 Come Out?

Both companies have not set any official date for the release of their respective products. Current rumors however, estimate that both upcoming devices may be revealed next year, according to macworld.

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