Xbox Scorpio Update: Microsoft Game Console That Will Outlast PS4 Pro? [VIDEO]


The Xbox Scorpio is an upcoming Microsoft game console due to come out on late 2017. It has been reported that the console may outlast the PS4 Pro.

Xbox Scorpio - The Last Xbox Console?

The Xbox Scorpio may be the last console of its kind, according to Xbox Games Chief Aaron Greenberg. Instead, Microsoft will build the upcoming Xbox more like a PC than a gaming console that needed to be change every few years, according to the Verge. The marketing head said that Scorpio is going to be a game changer in the arena of gaming consoles.

It makes financial sense to Microsoft on having a gaming console that can last for a long time, according to Trusted Review; however, the Windows company also has to make sure that Scorpio has the technological advantage, or at least on par, with any PlayStation model that Sony might bring to the market in the foreseeable future.

So far, the Xbox Scorpio has a distinct advantage against the PS4 Pro in terms of 4K resolution. The upcoming Microsoft game console will be able to render games in native 4K in contrast with the PS4 Pro. To many prospective buyers, that makes Xbox Scorpio an excellent pick. The only thing is that the PS4 Pro will be available in a week's time while the Xbox Scorpio is not due for another year. Can buyers wait that long? There is also likely a scenario that customers will buy the Scorpio if they like what they see regardless if they already have a PS4 Pro.

 Xbox Scorpio - Ready for VR?

The Xbox Scorpio is ready for Virtual Reality (VR) gaming. This has been the assurance given to prospective buyers. But it seems even Xbox head Phil Spencer has some doubts about the current viability of VR in games.

Spencer believes that the future of VR is bright when it comes to gaming which is why they made sure that the Xbox Scorpio is VR capable. Unfortunately, the current VR games available right now still present a limited experience to players.

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