Microsoft’s Surface Pro Studio Rolling Over Apple & Its MacBooks?; Surface Sales Surges As MacBook’s Drops [VIDEO]

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Microsoft recently revealed it upcoming Surface Pro Studio. The new and sleek two in PC and Tablet combo hardware may threaten MacBook's position in the premium PC market.

Introducing the Surface Pro Studio

The new Microsoft Surface Pro Studio boasts a 28 inch touchscreen that contains more than 13 million pixels, according to the official Microsoft site. The sheer number of pixels means that it has more than 60 percent pixels than a 4K resolution. It also comes with a Surface Pen and the new Dial. The Surface Dial is used mainly by graphic designers and it works by simply attaching it on the Surface's screen.

The Surface Pro Studio is not a cheap since the basic unit alone cost around $3,000 making it a premium PC. Its processor is an Intel i5, GPU is Nvidia's GeForce GTX 965M, loaded with 8GB worth of RAM and a Terabyte in its hybrid drive.

What Makes the Surface Studio Attractive?

Microsoft introduced the Surface model more than three years ago but quickly established a niche in the two in one PC and tablet market. Customers especially those in the business sector like the Surface devices since it offer them mobility without having to upgrade or migrate to another Operating System (OS).

The Surface brand then later branch out to the Surface Book and recently to the Pro Studio. Instead of the two in one strategy, Microsoft is now embarking a new strategy in which the Surface is the answer to all the user's specific needs.

Comparing Microsoft Surface Devices Against Apple MacBook

Compared to the Surface Book the current MacBook Pro looks overpriced and obsolete, according to the Motley Fool. A $1500 Surface Book has two more hours of battery life and has detachable touchscreen compared to a similarly price MacBook which can only offer a "Touch Bar". Revenue between the two products is also a clear indicator. Surface device sales have gone by almost 40 percent or almost $1 billion in the last quarter alone. Meanwhile, the Mac's have garnered almost $6 billion during its last quarter which is quite impressive but its annual sales have actually dropped from 17 percent to 14 percent.

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