Tech Gadgets In Class? Schools And Parents Monitoring Technology Use For Education


It is starting to become a normal thing, to see a student bring in a smart gadget or a laptop inside the classroom. While some universities and colleges allow the use of these gadgets for note taking and reference guides, some are still monitoring the potential use of it inside classrooms.

The Pulanski County Special School District is one such school. When it comes to its students, they are now seeing gadgets being carried inside the classrooms. While it may seem useful for some of the time, according to Arkansas Matters, it is being abused most of the time.

According to reports, student leaders are now finding out that students are using their gadgets for things that are not related to the class subject. The Principal at Sylvan Hills Elementary, Jason Young, said that he does not think that they do it out of disregard. He thinks they do it because they are curious. As children, they are curious to find out what they can do if no one is looking to catch them. When they access internet on a school issued gadget like an iPad, tablet or Chromebook, they are curious as to what they can access.

As the school monitors the use of these gadgets, a few students have been tagged and were sent to Young's office. For Young, it does not matter when it comes to the reprimand. When they start to look at inappropriate things on the net, they can do the same at home. Young just wants to be proactive and wants to discuss these internet searches. The school is also advising the students' parents regarding the use of internet in such a manner.

The program that tracks the students' internet use is called Light Speed. It is an internet filtering system that tracks the use of the gadget even outside school.

The school is already monitoring the use, but young insists that the parents should also be involved.

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