PS4 Pro News & Updates: Sales Up in UK; Issues Decide Pro Or Non-Pro [VIDEO]


PlayStation 4 sales are up in the U.K. following the Pro's launch and with more information available, consumers can now weigh the consoles pros and cons.

Growth from knowledge data was recently made available and indicated a 200 percent rise in PS4 sales. Furthermore, Sony is releasing a software patch increasing the functionality of the entire line of PS4s.

According to MCV, last week's sales had the PS4 Pro at 65 percent with the standard edition jumping 8.5 percent. This gave Sony's consoles a 44 percent lead over the Xbox Ones, which came in at 37 percent.

Seemingly building on this success, upgrades for the base models were detailed. A software patch making the PS4 HDR capable was released. This gives the base model some of the Pro's capabilities, Forbes reported.

Noting the upgrades, consumers have new things to consider before making a purchase. Forbes advises that HDR or 4K TV owners without any of Sony's consoles should go for the PS4 Pro variant as it is only slightly more expensive, but has a lot more firepower than the standard version. On the other hand, current PS4 users should simply upgrade their hard drives and install the HDR patch.

The debate whether to go with 4K or HDR is still a toss-up. Many gamers stand behind HDR stating that it can still outperform 4K with the way it displays vivid light and makes colors pop.

More for pondering are the recent reports of issues involving the PS4 Pro. Apparently the console has been having problems with performance stability that caused frame-rate loss and tearing.

However, improvements will come soon. Both addressing the issues and furthering development of the PS4 Pro and the rest of the line.

Undecided consumers should consider holding-out until the Pro line has been updated and free of issues. On the other hand, if a purchase must be made now, the standard edition PS4 is a highly viable option with its new found capabilities.

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