‘WWE 2K17’ Patch 1.03 Fixes Gameplay, Online, WWE Universe Issues [VIDEO]


"WWE 2K17" patch 1.03 has fixed the numerous issues on gameplay, online, WWE Universe, and many more. The Goldberg pack was also launched recently by 2K Games.

"WWE 2K17" patch 1.03 addresses numerous issues

According to the official forums of "WWE 2k17," 2K Games has finally launched the latest patch for the popular wrestling video game on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The size of the update is 1.294 GB on PS4, which fixes specific issues on the console like the rest mode save issue. The Xbox One version will not have that specific fix since it is not a feature on the Xbox One, which will make the update have a lesser size.

"WWE 2K17" latest patch fixes on numerous issues

The latest "WWE 2K17" patch fixed different kinds of issues that it was plagued with like on gameplay where managers will no longer be ejected when they are attacked while the referee was downed. It fixed an issue where the AI Superstars would suddenly attack their own managers if an opponent was standing behind them. The exploit with the lie detector was also fixed with this patch, which means it can now be reversed.

Patch 1.03 fixed different kinds of online issues like the loading times for private matches when using custom Superstars, which is now faster and improved. In online matches, the pin meter responsiveness was improved for better and fair online gameplay. The display issue that could occur when players purchase a locked Superstar from WWE Online has also been fixed.

For the audio, several issues were fixed like when Lilian Garcia would announce a custom singles championship as championships. The crowd noise for Asuka's entrance was improved this time around. For downloadable content, the Legends Pack has been improved and issues were fixed right away.

"WWE 2K17" Goldberg pack now available

In other "WWE 2K17" related news, the Goldberg pack is now available for purchase. According to the official website of PlayStation Store, players will receive two new playable versions of the legendary character with two classic WCW arenas.

Check out the Mark Henry plays "WWE 2K17" in Dubai video below:

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