‘Killing Floor 2’ Has Officially Gone Gold On PS4; Pre-Order For Video Game Now Available [VIDEO]


Game developer Tripwire Interactive and game publisher Deep Silver has announced that "Killing Floor 2" has officially gone gold on PlayStation 4. The pre-orders for the video game are now available.

"Killing Floor 2" finally done and gone gold

According to the official website of "Killing Floor 2," both the game developer and publisher are proud to announce that the video game has finally gone gold on the PS4 platform. They were now done with the development stage and have put on the finishing touches on the game after getting the best feedback from their massively successful PS4 open beta. Many console players were able to get the chance to experience the great co-op gameplay online for the very first time.

"Killing Floor 2" Steam Early Access sales exceeds 1 million units

Tripwire revealed that just a few days before the full release, "Killing Floor 2" Steam Early Access sales had exceeded over 1 million units. This has made its mark as one of the top selling Early Access game titles to ever be launched on the Steam platform. The development team greatly values the community's feedback on the video game during the Early Access period, which made them prepare for its full release, and for the future.

"Killing Floor 2" global release date and platforms

Tripwire revealed that "Killing Floor 2's" release date will be on Friday, Nov. 18. It will be launched on the PlayStation 4 Pro, PS4, and PC through the Steam platform.

Where to pre-order "Killing Floor 2"

According to another post on the official website of "Killing Floor 2," its physical edition for the PS4 can be pre-ordered at Gamestop. For the digital version for the PS4, they can pre-order it directly to the PlayStation Network Store. PC gamers can pre-order the video game through the Steam platform, and they can choose from the standard, digital deluxe edition, six pack, and the Tripwire Complete Bundle.

Check out the "Killing Floor 2" Gameplay Trailer for PS4 video below:

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