'Kingdom Hearts 3' Included In Famitsu Most Wanted Top 10 Charts; Keyblade War To Happen In-Game? [VIDEO]


"Kingdom Hearts 3" reportedly barely makes it in the Famitsu Most Wanted charts released on Nov. 13. "Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild" managed to wiggle in the top 10 list. However, the chart topper was "Final Fantasy 15."

This week's most recent Famitsu Most Wanted games allegedly reflected the gamers' game of choice. The votes were garnered from Oct. 27 to Nov. 1. The "Final Fantasy 15" from Square Enix still reigns supreme with 864 more votes than "Kingdom Hearts 3."

The Nintendo 3DS game "Pokemon Sun and Moon" ranked in second with 739 votes. Square Enix takes two slots from the Top 3 list as the "Final Fantasy VII Remake" took the third place, GamingBolt reported. The fourth and fifth placers were also from Square Enix--Dragon Quest XI on PS4 and 3DS. "Kingdom Hearts 3" is also made by Square Enix.

SEGA took the 6th place with "Yakuza 6" while Capcom takes home the 7th place with "Resident Evil 7". Sony Interactive's "Nioh" takes the spot before "Kingdom Hearts 3," both on the PS4 gaming platform. Nintendo reportedly has to step up its game as "The Legend of Zelda: Breath of Wild" barely made it before "The Last Guardian" and NieR: Automata. "Watch Dogs 2" was far behind the list as well as "Gravity Rush 2."

Meanwhile, the "Kingdom Hearts 3" is said to be long overdue as it has gone through several delays. However, Square Enix finally announced that the title would be released in 2017. Leaked reports claim that a keyblade war is slated to happen in the game, Playstation Lifestyle reported.

"Kingdom Hearts 3" is rumored to include a battle of light and darkness with Sora and his friends against Master Xenahort. Keyblade is rumored to choose Sora which will require the protagonist to collect the seven guardians of light. Sora is slated to be accompanied by his childhood friend Riku, his comrades Donald and Goofy and King Mickey. Watch: Kingdom Hearts News - NEW Character, Keyblade War Starting, New Mysteries!

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