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'Westworld' Shares A Similar Theme With 'Jurassic Park'; Show-runners Discuss Episode 7! [VIDEO]


Fans of the highly-acclaimed HBO series, "Westworld," have all pitched in their own theories one way or another. This time around, fans of the show can get some insight when show-runners take time to explain things behind its recent Episode 7. Moreover, fans can see for themselves how and why "Westworld" shares a similar theme with one of Hollywood's blockbuster movies, "Jurassic Park."

The American science fiction thriller TV series, "Westworld," is set in a technologically advanced, Western-themed park that consists of man-made androids, known as the "hosts." The theme park is frequented by paying visitors, known as "newcomers" or "guests," and are free to do whatever they want.

As the show progresses, fans get to see the theme park being run by its creator (who happens to have a deep obsession with his creation) and the instances of how the technological safeguards of the place are slowly becoming a threat to its visitors. This is the same theme that the hit movie, "Jurassic Park," shares with, The Verge learned.

The source took note of the fact that both the "Jurassic Park" and "Westworld" share this common theme since they were both originally created by renowned novelist, Michael Crichton. Both the acclaimed TV show and the movie portray the "chaos theory" and distrust in technology by Crichton.

In Episode 7 "Trompe L'Oeil" of Season 1, show-runners Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy discussed in an interview with Variety about the episode's finale.

When asked as to when actor Jeffrey Wright knew that he was actually a "host," Nolan and Joy explained that they had to tell him of that after the pilot. This was because the show-runners wanted the actor to immerse himself more into the character of Bernard.

The two went on to tell Variety that Bernard was created by Ford, portrayed by the iconic Anthony Hopkins, as a right-hand man that only bolsters the fact that he is becoming more recluse and starts to distrust those around him.

Whether or not these details further the main theme of the destruction of a "perfect" place or the failure of "fail-safe measures," fans are definitely wringing up all the theories they can come up with for the next episodes to come.

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