PS4 Pro 4K Performance: 'Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare' [Analyzed] [VIDEO]


The evolution of "Call of Duty" has reached the point that it is almost equivalent to a Michael Bay movie which requires a significant shift in rendering to maintain its core aesthetic to matching the game's cinematic aspiration. How did it fare in Sony PS4 Pro's 4K version?

"Infinite Warfare's" test release in single-player performance varied between 40-60 fps drew particular concern whereas multiplayer appeared solid with frame rate drops around explosive moments. The rendition was actually more impacted that in the standard PS4.

There is a huge improvement on the final release of "Infinite Warfare," however, where it delivers rock-solid performance in multiplayer with the implementation of dynamic resolution playing a vital role. Frame-rate remains high by reducing rendering load in problematic areas. PS4 Pro approached a different solution by engaging checkerboarding from 1560p up to 2160p in 4K.

PS4 Pro's solution for "Infinite Warfare" works for a number of reasons: the frame rate is impressively consistent; resolution scaling improves Call of Duty's game aesthetics; artifacts are only apparent when analyzing still shots. To add, some of the game's post processes occurs in native resolution.

According to Eurogamer, "Infinite Warfare's" presentation in the PS4 Pro reminded them of Cryteks's "Ryse" though still looks CG in nature, the attempt to produce a more natural film-like look is evident which means sharp geometric edges are almost non-existent. The draw is that the ultra sharp rendering detail one sees in gaming is softened but light plays of materials well delivering a well-polished post-process.

Digital Foundry found it impressive that "Infinite Warfare's" detail level in static sequences is almost indistinguishable from a true native 3840x2160. Finding it trivial, considering the fast nature of the game, it is interesting for them to note the tech works which benefits the PS4 Pro's approach to 4K gaming, Wccftech reported.

The final verdict is that "Infinite Warfare" on the PS4 Pro is worlds apart that are extended to its PS4 Pro' implementation. Locking the game in 2880x1620 presentation offers an impressive yet softer look on 4K displays. 1080p owners will get a smaller benefit from downsampling. Locking the game at 2880x1620 also ensures a smoother performance on the PS4 Pro.


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